Maar gelukkig, de eerste paniekerige (kan het morgen klaar zijn?) aanvraag voor een kerstkaart ontwerp is binnen :-} Het betekend wel dat je nu al je andere klanten er nog even op moet wijzen dat ze NU nog wel redelijk op tijd zijn. (deze tijd volgende maand is gangbaarder, ik weet het) maar was niet 1 van je goede voornemens vorig jaar “niet harder werken… maar slimmer”

… en dan (ja shit) moet je nog even nadenken over die van jezelf (van de zaak).
kreun zucht en steun.

wat dacht je van de (wel heel erg leuke) easy way out 😀
(jaaaaaaa hij is leuk he?!!!)


Your Business Card Sucks is a blog showcasing the best, and worst, of business card design.

What sucks? Well, there are a lot of business cards out there in the wild that are simply terrible. Not just terrible in their old-fashioned-ness, but just outright bad design. So why not have a little fun at their expense? Perhaps with some lighthearted humour, we can raise the standards of card design everywhere. Why business cards? Because they are a wondrous and intricate medium for design and culture. And in this era of Internet whats-its, they are highly underrated. Is print dead? Hardly. These days business cards are more innovative and beautiful than ever.

Actually its mostly beautiful and interesting, creative business cards on the blog… so BE INSPIRED!



Product placements in movies and TV shows are becoming so commonplace that nobody really notices them anymore. Try if you can spot brands the next time you’re watching something utterly boring and the entertainment value will go up a few nudges. (or are you not really in to silly games that require some lever of consciousness?)

Logorama from Human Music & Sound Design on Vimeo.

Okay I’m a bit late with noticing and watching this movie.

And at first I thought it was a documentary about the street art life and work of Banksy. But it’s not. It’s FUCKING FANTASTICK!.

Trust me, je must see this. It’s hilarious, very entertaining, a shitload of dry humor and again raising the question “what is art” and “who the hell determines that it is. Not that you get an answer of course… but its sooooooooooo very Warhol. Rebellion against the “establishment” but getting noticed by doing so. AND getting sold.

Was that the purpose of it all?

Ow who cares…

Just watch “exit true the gift shop”

It definitely worth your time.

Well where I live it’s always summer, but that’s beside the point. If you wanna walk around in some very cool t-shirts this season you have to start voting so they’ll start printing it. Don’t you just love the simple artwork? WELL I DO!

And here are the votes of the Design/Intervention jury:

When you are lucky you received a lovely calendar from your printer. Or a not so lovely but quite useful one from your insurance company or whatever.

If you’re even more lucky (like me) you didn’t get anything this year 😉

Now you can have tons of fun making your own!.

If you really wanna make everybody jealous  you should download this super cute calendar from Clovered.

If you want to have fun all year long (don’t underestimate that joy of anticipation) go to

They promise to feature a new desk calendar every month. Very sweet of them.

But if this is all way too fancy for you? At Canon Creative Park they have just the right calendar that suits your style. 

Enjoy! (and be careful with those scissors)

O yes… and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

In the world of typography, terms such as typeface, character, body, etc are used to describe the form of a letter. The reason why they use expressions closely related to a human body, is perhaps because each different letter has a distinct quality and personality, in a similar way that us humans are all unique.

Masashi Kawamura has found a beautiful way to mix typography and couture with the ‘T’ Shirt line. As his site describes so well – ‘T’ shirts are T shirts that was designed to have the silhouette of 5 famous typefaces; Helvetica, Caslon, Baskerville, Courier, and Cooper Black.

(via NOTCOT.Com)