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Too easy


You know this scenario all too well: Helping out a friend again. Just a logo (okay okay … and business cards… and letterheads… and maybe a small folder?). And then they have the nerve to ask  “can you make a little website as well?” Well maybe you want to say YES this time, after you’ve […]

Deviant indeed


DeviantART is an online art community for artists and those devoted to art. Digital art, skin art, themes, wallpaper art, traditional art, photography, illustration, poetry / prose. Art prints, t-shirt apparel, design contests, crafts… ow… just too much to mention. The great thing about DeviantART is that it’s got thousands of members, using it to […]

Gift problems?


Being original, creative and personal always takes up to much of your time doesn’t it?! Well, here’s an idea; Memorylane is that classic memory game you can customize with your own pictures. Simply upload them and the game will be delivered to your doorstep as a nice gift package. Maybe you can even WOW your […]

Watch en Learn


nobody really reads those Photoshop, illustrator or Indesign bible’s from cover to cover. But do you know what the Blob brush is for? Or if it’s possible to place images into a table? just sit back, relax and learn… (and improve your skills when you have a couple of minutes to spare every week).